Essentials Tricks For Business Traveler

Keep all your luggage on wheels, use one carry on, invest in good luggage.

According to the US Transportation Dept., about 1 in 200 bags are lost, misdirected or stolen, which is about one person per flight. 87{85629059ac2e8044767bece865d2d09c2b75f5dda6ed1c8364a24627c269000d} of this happens at the curbside check-in station.

Advantages: don’t have to tip porter; don’t have to arrive as early; if you miss your connection, you can easily rebook yourself; you can easily volunteer to be bumped on a full flight; no wait once you land.

Take a book with you.

Better than TV in most hotel rooms, good for waits, also good to hide behind if you get next to someone in the plane who annoys you. Leave it behind for another traveler or tear off chapters as you go along and lighten you load.

The travel wardrobe.

Coordinate to one color, like black. Many women, myself included, swear by TencelĀ®. Indestructible, always looks nice. Choose the right print blouses and it won’t show stains. Gentlemen, consider microfiber fabrics. Choose something with inner pockets (that zip!) for important papers and cash.

Don’t appear wealthy.

Especially important in 3rd world countries. Wear cheap-looking watch and jewelry and leave the diamonds at home. Makes you less of a target for pick pocketers and luggage theft. If you must take a camera, guard the lens; popular with pick pockets as well.

Remove luggage tags from other trips. It’s a tip-off for thieves looking for the “rich frequent traveler”.


Hide cash in different parts of your body. If traveling internationally, get new bills, as some countries won’t take “dirty” money. In Africa, for instance take new $100 bills. The exchange rate on anything lower is not good. Check with someone else who’s been where you’re going. i.e., in Russia, they aren’t supposed to take US dollars, but they sure do.

If you get a rental car, write down all the information about it. Just in case you forget what you’re driving.

Plan Trip From Scratch

I think the best and most logical way to start a trip is to decide where and when you want to get away. My boyfriend and I just recently decided to take a trip, and this is how we planned it from scratch! The first thing we did was to figure out the best time to take the trip. I’m finishing my last semester of school, and he’s working full time, so it needed to be at a time that could work for both of our schedules. We decided that at the end of May would be most ideal because by then, I’ll be out of school and he’ll be done with busy season, so there will even be reason to celebrate! We also had to consider him taking off work and when he would have built up enough vacation days. Related to this, weather should be a big consideration. Depending on the time of year, some places may be more ideal than others, especially if your trip involves a lot of time outdoors. Research what the weather might be like in your destination before making any arrangements.

Next, we started to brainstorm about where we might want to go. This really comes down to how you want your trip to be spent. Do you want relaxing time on the beach, hiking through a national park, visiting with family/friends you might not have seen in a while, checking out museums and monuments, etc. Figuring out what you want out of your trip will help ensure you pick the perfect spot. Finally, we realized that we want a trip that will give us ample time to ourselves, somewhere that is drivable and something affordable. After we had these specifications, we tried to narrow it down further by deciding we wanted somewhere with things to do outdoors. Neither of us had ever been to the Smokey Mountains, and we both wanted to check it out. The drive is also only about 8 hours from Chicago, so we settled on that general area as our destination. We knew the weather would be perfect for hiking and hanging out outside.

Travel Guidelines

1. You get an e-mail or typical mail leaflet that promotes a unique travel deal. The sender boasts to be a significant travel agency, and offers you a unique technique to snag a unique package. They request you to be a type of home-based travel agent for them; they offer to address all of the unpleasant particulars at the backend. For a modest thousand-dollar fee, they’ll teach you in the art of being a travel agent, and give you your travel agent ID card. When you have that card, you will find yourself eligible for a variety of the deals which are open only to travel agents. Now this is a swindle; the ID card they sent you is a total scam too. And every hotel or airline you may approach knows all about them. And if it were a legitimate ID card, you’d still not have any far better time in your reservations.

2. What about the one where by some person markets on Craigslist and claims to have a time share someplace that he does not want any longer. He’ll attempt to ask you for a significant amount for it. They will take your money, and you’ll never see your timeshare. Never ever accept a timeshare sale that you need to actually pay anything further than a couple of bucks. It’s always enough if you just take over their time share commitment and ease them of the deal they are stuck with whereby that requires them to keep paying the company.

3. Folks try to sell you insurance to pay for your losses should you ever have to terminate a trip you had bookings for. It appears pretty good; with the exception that it is hilarious insurance, and you’ll by no means see any cash. Needless to say you’ll find actual accredited insurance deals with this kind of thing; go to a suitable insurance website; or try to check for travel tips around for the best travel cover businesses.

Luggage Buying Tips

1. Choose a good cabin-sized bag. It is not too big and not too small so it is just right to carry your stuff. Moreover, they fit easily in a standard cabin compartment so you shouldn’t have a lot of trouble placing it in the compartment.

2. Avoid buying hard-sided bags. Choose the soft-sided ones. While the hard-sided ones might seem more durable, you will surely have a difficult fitting it in. If you want more flexibility in the amount of stuff you can place inside the bag, you should choose the soft-sided ones. Furthermore, the soft-sided bags are easier to shove and push inside the cabin compartment.

3. Choose a lightweight bag. There is a weight limit for carry-on travel luggage sets. If you want to lug more stuff, you have to choose a bag that does not weigh much. Canvas is arguably the most lightweight luggage material today. Check out carry-on canvas bags.

4. Look for carry-on bags with side pockets. You can lug your beauty essentials in there so you wouldn’t have to rummage inside the bag to get the beauty essentials you need. Consider accessibility when looking for the right luggage bag.

5. When buying bags with wheels and casters, make sure you choose one with casters made from rubber materials. Plastic casters can get damaged easily. If your bag is a little heavy, the wheels might not roll easily. Hooded rubber casters are more durable.