Selecting Best Travel Toys

While coloring books encourage some creativity, go beyond with coloring crafts. A color your own mask does double duty as a creative project and then leads into imaginative play as your child pretends to be the animal represented by the mask.

Activity books filled with games and mazes are used to foster learning and fine motor skills. Creativity is enhanced when the selected books include pictures to color or complete.

Small toys, such as bendable figures, animals or small cars, encourage imagination through let’s pretend games. Use finger puppets to create puppet shows for toddlers or have your kids create a puppet show for you.

Ball toss games and bead mazes develop fine motor skills and are just plain fun! You would be surprised how much energy a child can expend trying to master a new skill such as the ball toss game without ever leaving their seat. Competitive spirits are fueled by the creation of contests such as the most successes in a row or fewest misses over ten tries.

Simple puzzles such as the Tangle, happy cubes or magic loops serve to foster learning and creativity in kids of all ages. Level of difficulty is crucial – too hard and your child will get frustrated, too easy and it is not fun.

About Internet and Travel Planning

The reach of Internet in Travel and Tourism is like never before, and it’s increasing day by day. You can find several websites competing with each other for any of the popular tourist destinations around the world. Even, any respectable airlines, hotel and tour companies must have a website loaded with information and different packages. Then there are enormous blogs and personal websites owned and managed by tour enthusiasts fully loaded with their personal encounters to the places visited by them. These blogs and personal websites can be the best guide in planning for a vacation.

Need for Travel Agencies and Tour Planners

However, need for travel agencies and tour planners are always there. You need services of these experienced Online Travel Agents to handle your international travel needs. They become more important in case of planning a complex, multi-modal and multi location trips, especially when in groups. You can have added benefit of reduced fares or additional services with Airlines and Hotels after booking a package with their associate Travel Agents.

Benefits of Tour Planning with Online Travel Agents

Online travel agents offer best deal for you suited for every budget according to the occasion. They offer several seasonal packages for popular occasions like New Year, Christmas, summer holidays or winter vacations. Most of them also offer exclusively planned wedding tour packages for newlywed couples. When you are planning your honeymoon trip, it’s impossible to ignore several attractive packages offered by top travel agents. Because none other than these experienced travel agents can suggest you better places to go for a lonely and much private place for vacation full of romance, love and ecstasy.

Travel Safe and Light

1. Research. Do a little research regarding the place you’re going to visit to know its culture. This is probably a common practice but I would like to still include it here. There are some practices that are considered rude in one country but accepted in others. You don’t want to get into trouble, especially in a foreign land, right? For instance, it is considered rude to point or touch something with your foot in Thailand because they consider it the dirtiest part of the human body.

2. Secure important documents. Important documents would include your passport, vouchers, boarding tickets, etc. I recommend allotting a compartment within your bag for this so that these documents remain together and would be easier to locate when necessary.

3. Do not put all your money in one place. It’s now practical to not put all your hard earned money in your wallet or pocket when you’re traveling. Keep the bulk of your money somewhere safe and just place on your wallet enough cash to get you through the day. If you’re going to place it in your pocket, make sure it is deep enough or have flaps for added security. This is why I love cargo shorts or pants. It has lots of pockets that have buttons or velcro.

I recommend you sew an inside pocket on your jeans where you can safely keep your money. I asked a local seamstress to make an inside pocket for my jeans. Just ask him/her to add a velcro so that the pocket will have additional security. If you can do this with the lower garments you’re going to bring, you don’t have to worry about losing your money or getting robbed. Unless of course, the robber asks you to give him all your clothes. Yikes!

4. Mark your belongings. I have this habit of marking my things with stickers, especially my gadgets. For example, I can immediately spot my mobile phone even when surrounded by other phones because I have a butterfly sticker on mine. Even my digicam have heart stickers to have a distinctive mark. My parents do this kind of marking with all their things, including luggage, pens, containers, etc.

Put neon orange stickers on your luggage. The stickers are easy to spot, especially when you’re looking for your luggage on the baggage belt inside the airport. You can easily see if someone mistakenly gets it.

5. Have a copy of important documents. If in case you misplace your passport or a travel voucher, it would be easier to replicate or verify your ownership if you have a clear copy on hand. As you can see from the previous photo, I have a photocopy of my passport that I keep inside my luggage at all times.

6. Have a hard copy of important numbers. Do not rely on keeping all important data on your gadgets. It’s important that you have a written copy of important contacts like your passport no., credit card nos., your credit card/s customer assistance nos., etc. If you lose your card for example, you can easily contact your bank to cut any further transactions made through your credit card. If you only have these numbers in your mobile phone for example, and lost your phone together with your cards, then you’d have a difficult time reaching your bank for assistance.

7. Separate your money from your credit cards. I see most people who places their money along with their cards in one wallet. I recommend separating them. Put your cards in another wallet. This way, you only need to take out your money if you’re paying in cash or take out your card if you’re charging your purchase.

8. Use Pacsafe products! Girls and guys alike have with them a bag for their daily use during travels. I recommend investing in Pacsafe products. It has special features that helps every traveler secure their belongings. I particularly like the Pacsafe models which you can use as a body bag. I feel more secure when my bag is in front of my body. It’s easier to get things out of it as well.

In this light, I’m eyeing the Pacsafe Venture Safe 200. It’s a compact travel bag that I can use daily. The Venture Safe 200 is roomy enough to carry all the necessary things I need for the day.

It’s chic and since it’s a Pacsafe, it has a 4 anti-theft features: eXomesh slashguard in front, side and bottom panels, slashproof adjustable shoulder strap, snatchproof shoulder strap allows the bag to anchor to a secure fixture, and tamperproof zippers.

Traveling Light Tips:

1. Know the weather. Before you start packing, know the weather in the place you’re going. You might be bringing clothes that are not appropriate.

2. Bring only necessary amount of toiletries. I am very guilty of bringing bottles of toiletries that makes my luggage heavy. Bring only the amount that is necessary. You can purchase toiletries like shampoo, conditioners, toothpaste, lotion, etc. in sachets that are more practical to pack. If you have to bring toiletries that are not available in sachets, there are mini containers that you can purchase in groceries so that you’ll only be bringing the necessary amount that you need. Make sure to secure the covers of bottles by taping them firmly.

3. Avoid heavy garments. Unless necessary, avoid bringing clothes that are heavy like denim jeans or bath towels. There are various travel towels now available which are more compact and more absorbent to bring along.

4. Bring compact shoes. There are foldable, compact but comfortable walking shoes available in the market. Instead of bringing bulky shoes, bring those that are foldable and compact. There are brands out there that offer comfort and style for walking shoes.

Foldable shoes can save you space and weight. This picture is a sample of female foldable shoes. There are also other brands that offers compact shoes for both male and female. I recommend packing these instead of shoes that will take a lot of space.

5. Use light weight luggage. If you’ll be traveling that requires you to bring a large luggage, look for one that is light by itself. I’ve seen a lot of luggage that are heavy even when they’re empty. 1kg off the weight of your luggage will go a long way.

Staying Fit While Traveling

  • See if your current gym at home has a location in the city where you will be traveling to. If not, they might have a partnership with another gym that offers free or discounted admission.
  • Always take the stairs rather than the elevator. For a real workout, walk up and down the staircase at your hotel.
  • Get maps of the area you will be visiting and find the best safe walking paths and trails. (Hotel concierges are a great resource.)
  • If the weather is not satisfactory, find a mall or other large indoor place where you can walk. Malls generally open early in the morning to accommodate walkers.
  • Bring an exercise band with you for simple strength-training exercises you can do in your room.
  • A basic workout of sit-ups, push-ups, jumping jacks, yoga and stretching can be done just about anywhere.
  • Try not to get off schedule. This will help you get back on your usual routine when arriving home and also to help combat jetlag.