Packing and Traveling Light

Roll up your clothes you should fold all of your clothes in half, and then roll them up if you want to maintain any creases, start on the bulkiest end of the article of clothing. #3 put all of your undergarments on top.

Minimize bulk. Try to pack microfibers with wrinkle and stain free comfort. Stay in the same color scheme for most of your attire in case you have to layer up for warmth.

Put your undergarments on top. It’s extremely embarrassing having airport security expose all of your underwear for everyone to see if you want to minimize this place all of your underwear in a plastic bag free of any other items especially questionable paraphernalia. Make sure the bag is transparent and place it on top so security can access it quickly without having to ruin your packing method.

Lose extra baggage. Some people travel like they are going on a deserted island for the next year! Most hotels and resorts provide irons and blow-dryers, saving you a lot of packing space.

Last but not least make sure you aren’t carrying any items that airport security would want to take another look at. There are some obvious ones like lighters and knives, but scissors could pose a threat nowadays, Anything that is sharp you should leave at home.