Why Choose Cornwall for Walking Holidays

Cornwall is truly a walker’s paradise; the spectacular coastline stretches approximately 300 miles long, the longest stretch in Britain, offering amazing landscapes and postcard-perfect sea views. The diversity of this expansive region is also attractive, from the North Coast’s towering cliff sides to the gentles inlets at the estuaries of Fowey and Fal, the county has long attracted both avid hikers and casual walkers.

Pakistan mountains road people

Pakistan is one of world’s most well-endowed countries. Due to some political instability, Pakistan gets a lot of bad press and international notoriety but against this backdrop, there is another face of Pakistan.

Как избавиться от моли?

These days most of us keep ourselves busy with our day to schedules. And, most of the schedules are tight which do not allow people to move a bit. As a result, this leads to high depression and frustration among people.

Why You Should Set Sail Around Sicily

Sailing around Sicily and its dramatic outlying islands in a crystal-clear sea is an uplifting cruising experience. The island only became part of Italy in 1861 and the convoluted tapestry of its history is reflected in its architecture, food and culture.

Spring Is When Sporting Life Really Fires Up

When the winter begins to fade, thoughts turn towards getting active and playing, or watching, some sport in the springtime.

Why do tourists love the Dominican Republic?

Haiti is considered part of the archipelago called the Greater Antilles. The correct name for Haiti is Espanola. The Dominican Republic is located in the east of Haiti.

Plan your visit to Hong Kong

Hong Kong is definitely one of the most exciting travel destinations of the world. It may not be too big geographically but it has many tourist attractions that make it just as exciting as some European cities. It is a dream destination for most tourists because it is packed with urban fun combined with peaceful sandy beaches, villages and serene mountain tops.

Top locations in Tuscany Italy

Tuscany is one of the most beautiful regions in Italy. It excites with its beautiful countryside that looks as if it has been painted with the brightest colors of green, yellow, red and blue, and its historical towns that are lively places where one can sit in the town square and enjoy their espresso coffee in the morning and still breath in the story of the past times that comes out from every stone of the place. And, of course, there are the inevitable cities of art, some of the most beautiful places in the world that treasure some of the masterpieces of the world’s cultural heritage.

Tunisia - The Khroumiria

A leisurely morning in the seaside resort of Tabarka, followed by a seafood lunch and an afternoon drive through the Khroumiria mountains to the Roman site of Bulla Regia. A car is essential. Pack a bathing costume for the morning in Tabarka.

Tunisia Travel Guide – North to Bizerte

The Roman ruins at Utica, the old pirate lair of Ghar el Melh and the beach at Rass Sidi Ali el Mekhi. Overnight stay at the Petit Mousse in Bizerte. A car is essential. Pack your swimming costume. This trip is not designed as a circular tour, but if you prefer to go back to Tunis rather than stay in Bizerte there shouldn’t be any problem covering the return distance in one day.