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Pakistan is one of world’s most well-endowed countries. Due to some political instability, Pakistan gets a lot of bad press and international notoriety but against this backdrop, there is another face of Pakistan.

Pakistan has so much to offer, if you are a vacationer and planning to visit Pakistan in your next vacations then wander through the grand architectural glory of Lahore, watch the ancient ways and bazaars of Baluchistan, quench your thirst for safari rides in the Thar Desert and explore various mountainous ranges in the northern area of Pakistan. The country is as geographically diverse. Lush green plains, healthy hill stations, azure skies and sparkling rivers, Pakistan is the unsung perfect package for tourism.

The 60’s and 70’s is the time when Pakistan was one of the top tourist destinations of the world. According to the World Economic Forum’s travel and tourism report, Pakistan was one of the top twenty-five tourist destinations in terms of popularity and exoticness of the location. These days unfortunately Pakistan gets into news headlines due to all the wrong reasons which mostly don’t exist in that magnitude. Despite being the victim of circumstances, the UNESCO has claimed various Pakistani sites as a part of World heritage. These sites include the magnificent Shalimar Gardens, the Lahore fort, the Makli monuments in Sindh, the ruins of Mohenjo-Daro, Fort of Rohtas near Jehlum, Buddhist ruins in Takht-e-Bai and the ancient city of Taxilla.

There are 18 other sites that are shortlisted as the tentative potential sites for inclusion in the World’s heritage. Some of which include the Baltic Fort in Hazard, the tomb of Shah-e-Rukne Alam in Multan, Tollinton Market and many others. Pakistan offers endless possibilities when it comes to tourism. Impressions and relics from different dynasties and time period give this land great historical eminence. Structures and monuments can be found which date back to 3300 BC and which are testimonies to the intensely rich historical background of Pakistan. There is not just heritage; there is the diverse culture of Pakistan. The scrumptious cuisines, the diverse languages, one of the world’s most colourful and glitzy attires, and last but not the least, the affable and warm behaviour of the people.

Being surrounded by such endowments of nature, Pakistan makes an excellent place to live. Although there are political ups and downs but Pakistan’s realty market remains another stellar feature, as it is always on the rise in most areas and gives you the most viable ROI. Various townships are branched into different phases and offer international quality accommodation and luxury amenities to its residents. The DHA, Bahria Town and Gulberg are great assets to the Pakistan realty market.

Moreover, the northern region of the country is all set to provide you mountaineering delights. The tall mountains, the humming breeze, the noisy and cold waterfalls and fast flowing rivers would leave lasting imprints on your mind. I suggest you to visit Pakistan in your next vacations. Once you reach there, the treat is likely to be big for you.