Plan your visit to Hong Kong

Hong Kong is definitely one of the most exciting travel destinations of the world. It may not be too big geographically but it has many tourist attractions that make it just as exciting as some European cities. It is a dream destination for most tourists because it is packed with urban fun combined with peaceful sandy beaches, villages and serene mountain tops.

There are many nature reserves and parks throughout Honk Kong. Entry to Honk Kong is fairly easy and it permits national of many countries without a visa. For further details it is better to check with the Hong Kong department of immigration. The visa validity can be from 7 to 180 days. It is destination that could be visited all year round. Cheap flights to Hong Kong are available from most destinations of the world including Australia and the Middle East. For affordable flights to Hong Kong visit your travel agent or search online for the best package.

There are many airlines that take flights to Hong Kong. Emirates, Jet airways, Qatar Airways, Korean Air and Cathay pacific are some of the renowned airlines that fly to Honk Kong. All flights are routed through the International Honk Kong airport that is located at the Chek Lap Kok Island. This airport is renowned for its excellent services. Passengers can avail luxurious facilities like spa treatments, parlors, nap rooms and showers. Those traveling with children can relax at the spa while the little ones enjoy at the Children’s Play Area. From the airport the passengers can choose their mode of transport into the city .They can choose from taxis, trains, buses and ferries.

Public transport in Honk Kong is one of the world’s best and this is the best way to move around the place. Ferries are the fastest way to reach any destination whereas the trains are the most comfortable way to travel, but they are more expensive. Honk Kong is the perfect combination of tall sky scrapers and beautiful mountain tops. Although it is an all –year- round destination to visit, however the perfect time to visit is in the fall that is mid-September. Popular tourist sites include the Victoria Peak from where visitors can enjoy a panoramic view of the city. This looks especially magical at night when the lights of sky scrapers are turned on. Dragon’s Back is one of the most popular hiking trails. At Ten Thousand Buddha’s Monastery visitors can visit a temple that houses over 12,000 Buddhas.