Spring Is When Sporting Life Really Fires Up

When the winter begins to fade, thoughts turn towards getting active and playing, or watching, some sport in the springtime.

Spring is a great time for sport, with many great events for fans and the less enthusiastic to enjoy. There are a number of professional sports events which take place in the early part of the year, but one of the most keenly anticipated is the Six Nations Championship.

This is rugby union’s European championship, with the four home countries of England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland competing against each other and the two Latin challengers, mighty France and enthusiastic Italy. With a tradition stretching back over a century, there are few sporting events like the 6 nations, which captures the imagination so readily, with both committed rugby fans and the merely curious often taking a passionate interest in events on the field. For the players, the matches are a long way from gentle walking holidays.

Social Sport

One great thing about the 6 Nations is the opportunity it creates for socialising. People flock from all across the competing countries and elsewhere, to the host cities of Dublin, Edinburgh, London, Cardiff, Rome and Paris in their thousands. Coupled with the culture of camaraderie and welcome which surrounds rugby union, this makes travelling to a Championship game all the more appealing. The kind of city in which the matches are held also provides visitors with options for many other leisure activities. Visitors to Dublin, Cardiff and Edinburgh, for example, can also make use of the time away to enjoy some walking holidays, or to take in the Celtic culture of these cities.

Paris In The Springtime

Of course, it is not just cities in the Celtic countries which have plenty to offer visitors. A trip to Paris to watch France play can be complemented by doing some shopping and dining in the City of Light. Rome is another city with plenty to offer visitors apart from the rugby union. With ancient monuments and modern landmarks alike, there is plenty to keep you busy away from the pitch at the Stadio Olimpico.

Every year there are some stunning fixtures to enjoy and 2013 is no different. Wales will be playing in the Stadio Olimpico in Rome for the first time, whilst they will also be welcoming the English to Cardiff in March. England fans will want to make sure they are in Paris for the game against the French, always an intense affair, whilst the Irish will want to make sure they send Wales home from Dublin disappointed.

So take a look at the fixtures in this year’s Championship and pick from the range of options available. As well as watching some bone-crunching rugby on the pitch, you should also be able to enjoy a relaxing break in one of Europe’s top cities. Whether you would like to walk the battlements of Edinburgh Castle, or sip prosecco whilst watching a Roman sunset, then a trip to the Six Nations might be a great way of getting to do it.