Why do tourists love the Dominican Republic?

Haiti is considered part of the archipelago called the Greater Antilles. The correct name for Haiti is Espanola. The Dominican Republic is located in the east of Haiti.

The Dominican Republic is an Edenic world for entertainment and recreation. Travelers from all countries prefer to get to the charming sparkling endless sandy beaches on the coast of the paradise sea. The tourism sector of the island is quite developed. For the Dominican Republic, the tourism industry is an important budget item.

The climate royally endowed this country. There is no winter here. The average air temperature in the cold months of the year is 25-28 Celsius. It is clear why European citizens are so attracted to the Dominican Republic. An important seduction for travelers is a beach holiday. The clean and warm sea, the purest sand of the coastal strip, exotic palm trees, centuries-old buildings - this does not leave indifferent the adherents of tours.

The desire of every young couple is to celebrate the moment of their wedding in a bright way. A romantic wedding in the Dominican Republic will remain in the soul for a lifetime. Wedding celebrations are prepared by masters of their craft. A luxurious wedding ceremony or a modest wedding event is all at any moment a transparent sea, an unusual sun, music and a great state of mind.

Any person seeks to buy some kind of souvenir, reminiscent of the country in which he spent unforgettable days. Souvenirs must reflect the salt of the Dominican Republic, exotic and cultural background unlike anything else. Rum is the most famous drink in the Dominican Republic. It can be brought as a souvenir to colleagues. Dominican cigars are made by hand and do not differ in their parameters from well-known Cuban cigars. Vacationers often prefer to buy cigars as a souvenir. Fans of coffee beans enjoy buying local coffee. Jewelery made from amber, local pearls and the local larimara semi-precious stone is very popular in the Dominican Republic.

Experienced visitors know the differences of trade in the Dominican Republic. If you do not shop for gifts and souvenirs and gift sets in large stores, it is recommended to bring down the price. Usually sellers reduce the price by almost half. Souvenirs and gifts in small local shops are often handmade. It is nice to buy an exclusive item or craft as a souvenir.