Have The Best Of Home And Away From Your Holiday

People work hard, they want to enjoy their down time. Holidays are in short supply, however and with lots of chores at home, getting away can be tricky. Make time for home and away by taking a mini-break and allowing yourself time at home. This article makes suggestions for holidays under a week.

What To Do With Your Time

With pressure on time and lots to fit in, careful planning is essential. Think about what you want to achieve, both in terms of a holiday and tasks at home and highlight anything that absolutely must be done. Make sure you are strict about the difference between what you want to achieve and what you need to achieve. You then have a clear idea of how long you can take for the ‘away’ part of your time off work.

There are lots of options available now, from a weekend away in the UK to short break ski holidays in Europe. Some suggestions, but by no means exhaustive:

  • Boutique B&B stay
  • City Breaks
  • Working Weekends Volunteering Outdoors
  • Activity Breaks swimming, walking, golf etc.
  • Spa/Detox Weekend
  • Short Courses writing, cookery, painting etc.

Benefits Of A Short Break

Without committing your whole holiday entitlement to one destination, a short break allows you to try different destinations or activities without spending too much money. It allows you to not only please yourself, but other members of the family, too, so you might take a ski break during February but also a walking weekend in the summer.

In the same vein, resorts are often cheaper during the week. Accommodation is discounted, restaurants might offer ‘early bird’ discounts and above all, there are fewer people around, which is great if you are doing something such as a ski break.

Before You Go

Pack carefully. You will not need a lot of luggage if you are only going to be away for a couple of days, especially if you are going on an activity break where you could hire equipment when you arrive. The freedom of not carrying huge bags can be liberating. Insurance is still important, even if you are only away for a few days, so check your policy and make sure you are covered.

When You Get Home

You have been on a mini-break to allow time at either one or both ends of your holiday, so remember not to panic. Take the time. Enjoy being at home. Get yourself and your family organised and take advantage of having had a break to appreciate time at home.

Combining home and away allows for ‘recovery’ time, too; time to do the laundry and regroup before returning to the hamster wheel of daily life with work and school. A mini break allows for a change of scenery whilst still being affordable and usually without the jetlag. With short break ski holidays as an example, the difference from average lifestyles is enough for a complete change, without upsetting children’s routines too much.